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Gradtuation day at Doug's Dogs! Puppy beginners and improvers classes completed our 6 week course and will be moving on to the next level up, including a new Advanced course! Head here to book your dog onto our next block of classes at Doug's Dogs. 

12th October

6 puppy sessions complete with Bailey the Havanese! We have taught Bailey handler focus, walking on leash, bullet fast recall, waiting at doorways, spin, stay, sit, down, middle and many more. She is such a clever puppy who loves to learn and it has been a pleasure working with her and her owners! 

8th October

Had great second weekend of teaching puppy and improvers classes at Doug's Dogs in Mile End! We worked on 'Leave it', walking nicely on a loose leash, and coming when called. Book you and your puppy a place HERE. .

16th September

An incredibly busy and exciting weekend. Started teaching puppy beginners and improvers courses at Doug's Dogs in Mile End! Book you and your puppy a place HERE. Then on Sunday spent the day at Primrose Hill Pet Shop giving out free dog training advice to customers. Check out their shop if you are in Primrose Hill! They have a great range of products and Gail and her team are wonderful.

8th September

I am now a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild: Association for Force-Free Professionals! This means that you can guarantee that I am uphelpd to the highest ethical standards of positive reinforcement training for dogs. I will never use harsh corrective methods and always have your dog's best interest at heart.

27th August

Been doing a 2 week sit & train with this beautiful 2 year old collie, Maisie. While her owners are on holiday we have been working on recall, handler focus, leash work, and some other commands to keep her mind busy!  

10th August

This week has been a lot of networking, meeting up with trainer friends, and avoiding melting in the insane heat of London. Along with some puppy sessions, I got to spend the week with a client who has been with us for years. She is now 17 years old, a rescue from the streets of LA and while loving, still very fiesty!  

31st July

Bone Ball Bark was in the newspapers! Back in May I did a photoshoot with John Lewis all to do with their pet insurance and border collies. I talked to them about training tips, enrichment, helping dogs with reactivity issues and more! Their press release just came out, and a couple quotes and a picture of me and Mylo was in The Times and Daily Mail!

17th July

I have traveled over to America to attend a workshop entitled "Concept Training: Advanced Concepts for Experienced Trainers" at the Karen Pryor National Training Academy! Our small group got to learn directly from Ken Ramirez who is a world renowned animal trainer who has trained so many species from Beluga Whales to Dogs! I will be writing a blog post all about this experience soon. 

16th June

Summer is here!! and it is hot in London this weekend. We stuck mostly to early morning or evening sessions outside so that the dogs can stay cooler and out of the sun.  This week included a lot of socializing sessions on the underground, and settling in pubs with puppies, and recommending pig and cow ears as good chew treats to a few clients too! 

2nd June

This week we were all over London for our sessions and meetings. From Mile End to Bermondsey to Hampstead to Kingston! A lot of problems we encountered with our dogs this week was a lack of mental stimulation. They were getting a nice amount of walks but nothing to work their brains. The theme of the week was therefore tiring out their brain is just as important as tiring our their body! 

26th May

We got to be a part of a photoshoot for a department store this week which was very odd and exciting! We will give you more information when it is due to be released. Glorious sunny weather for a few days this week which meant we got to do some recall and leash work classes outside in the sun. Training is always nicer when it isn't pouring with rain!

18th May

Exciting things happening this week! Spent time with an elderly dog working which inspired our latest blog post about how to care for a senior dog. Met with a fellow London dog trainer, Ella, to discuss our next step in our dog training businesses. Also did a few walks on Hampstead Heath, which is such a beautiful park.

11th May

I have seen 4 dogs this week for individual sessions that are having a hard time walking nicely on leash.  In Putney we had to contend with lots of food on the floor so we worked on using 'Watch' to keep the dog focused up on his owner, and in Mitcham we used different paces and changing directions to keep the walk fun and moving forward!

3rd May

The theme of this week has definitely been training incompatible behaviours to give the dogs the right thing to do instead of doing the wrong thing. For example, going to bed instead of jumping up at visitors, getting a toy instead of barking, and using snuffle mats instead of counter surfing! 

26th April

This week we have spent time with Boxers, Bulldogs, Australian Shepherds, Labradors, and quite a few poodle mixes. Always an array of breeds in London! We are approaching Easter weekend and we did a quick blog post on how to keep your dog safe over the holiday. But for now we are enjoying the beautiful sunshine in Putney!

17th April 

It is always bitter sweet when a client you have been working with for 6 weeks 'graduates'. After 6 puppy sessions, we have worked on sit, down, stay, come here, walking nicely on leash, working with distractions in the park, touch, roll, high 5, proper greetings with humans and more! That is a lot to cover in class but each session comes with a follow up report detailing everything we have worked on plus homework:) 

10th April 

We got to try a Furbo Dog Camera this week and you can read about our initial thought on the blog! Puppy socialization was the theme of the week, and we carried a few puppies, who haven't had all of their vaccinations yet, to meet as many new people as possible, and create positive associations with motorbikes, buses and traffic.

6th April

Quite a few puppy drop in visits this week from Battersea to Bermondsey! I love catching up with puppies I first worked with at 8 weeks, and now they are deep in adolescence and causing all kinds of mischief! It is so important to stay consistent and be patient through those months.

31st March

Met lots of other women business owners with Ladies Who Latte in Kingston this week. A few training sessions in Balham and around Parsons Green. Worked with a gorgeous 9 week old Golden Retriever puppy to help her settle in as part of our puppy course. Also got to hang out with a litter of Fox Red Labradors, which prompted a blog post on puppy chewing and biting!

24th March

Dog training around Clapham Common for a lot of this week. Lots of recall sessions (check out our recall blog post) using games like dog in the middle!  Tried out a few new treats and paid a visit to a local pet shop, Woofs a Daisy near Norbiton train station. 

17th March 

The biggest thing this week was going to Crufts! Written a blog post on that so head over to the blog take a look. Met two other new clients in Kingston and in Richmond; a Yorkie, and an English Bulldog! One of the best things about this job is meeting every type of breed!

10th March 

Two new puppy clients started with Bone Ball Bark this week, and both in Balham! Session 1 of 6 focused mostly on the beginning commands of sit, down, puppy socialization methods, and how to prevent chewing. We talked all about positive reinforcement and how important that is! Check out our puppy courses HERE.

3rd March

Seemed to have quite a few sessions this week surrounding leash aggression. Spent a long time in Richmond Park rewarding any time our dog chose to look away from another. BAT 2.0 book by Grisha Stewart is fairly good at explaining this method. Also met up with Nugget's Choice for their Pup' Crawl at Haggerston Park.

24th February
Dog Food

Blogs blogs and more blogs. Trying to find your voice for a blog is hard, but hopefully I am getting there. I got to write a blog post for Butternut Box to put on their site all about puppy development stages. 

Remember you can get 75% off your first Butternut Box by clicking on the image or HERE. 

17th February

This week I got to join Doug's Dogs for a morning at Hackney Marshes! They are a fantastic company providing dog walks and doggy daycare. Look out for a future training collaboration at their new site in Mile End;) Also spent time with 6 month old Zambezi, working on 'Leave it'.

10th February
Bone Ball Bark Dog Leash

LEASHES! Something we are adding to the Bone Ball Bark business is selling leashes made of recycled and reclaimed climbing rope. They are sturdy, beautiful, and a great way of saving the planet too:) Met up with my cousin near Hackney who makes them to see samples and designs. You can find our leashes stocked at Outdoor People in Netil Market, or send us a message here. 

3rd February
London Dog Training

Dog sitting all over town this week! I spent a few days in Bermondsey, a few days in Battersea, and a few days in Fulham . Dog sitting is such a great way to supplement income, and lets you spend time in other areas of the city. I make sure to check out the local pet shops and local parks wherever I go! We do 'Sit and Trains' where a trainer stays with your dog and trains them while you are away!

27th January

The theme of the week was networking.  I made it a goal to try to talk to as many dog owners, dog walkers, dog trainers and everything in between. Networking not only creates opportunities but also helps continued education! I've met some amazing people over the last year and here's to many more:) 

20th January
Dog Training German Shorhaired Pointer

The trick to keeping a young puppy mind busy is exercise and GAMES. Lots and lots of games! Spent a few days this week with Wallace, the German Short hair Pointer, running around Bushy Park to physically tire him out. Then back home to tire out his brain with 'Find it' games and interactive toys. 

13th January