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Dog training London


                   In-Person Dog Training Packages 
  • For dogs aged 6 months+ 
  • Skills will require multiple hours to perfect, so packages are offered in 3, 5 and 10 hour packages to ensure you and your dog are the most successful.
  • I will meet with you at your house, the park, and other environments to train a variety of skills:
    • Foundation skills like Down, Settle, Come here, Leave it & more 
    • Trick training
    • New rescue dog 
    • Recall work
    • Focus on handler
    • Enrichment and management plans for in-home and outdoors
    • Walking on leash 
    • Stopping any jumping up when people come to the house/house manners
    • How to introduce a new baby or puppy into the family and more!

Introduction to force-free training. Cover basic training principles and cues, and build reliable recall, work on leash walking, and more

3 hours

-3 hours in-person

- £330 



  • Handouts and homework

Not included:

  • Between session support

A more comprehensive and bespoke package, with the ability tot tackle multiple training skills, with feedback between sessions.

5 hours

-5 hours in-person

- £500


  • Handouts and homework

  • Once weekly WhatsApp video review and feedback

The complete package! If you are needing to tackle multiple training issues, in multiple environments, have just rescued a new dog, then this bespoke and comprehensive package will be the most helpful and the best value.

10 hours

- 9 hours in-person

- 1 hour online

- £950


  • Homework and handouts

  • Twice weekly video feedback and review between sessions

An ideal session before your new rescue arrives in the home to cover everything you will need to set up your home, expectations, management plans, and ask all the questions you have!


90 minutes online - £150

A single one off session to go through one or two issues that you are facing. 

1 hour online - £100

1 hour in-person £120

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