Puppy Training

                                              Puppy Training Course
  • A perfect course for you and your new puppy, aged 8 weeks to 6 months old. Not only will your puppy be trained, but you will learn HOW to be an effective trainer for the rest of your pup's life!
  • I will visit your home to guide you through my Bone Ball Bark puppy training curriculum
  • Example commands: Sit, Down, Come Here, Leave It, Settle

  • Learn to prevent: Chewing, biting, jumping up

  • Also covered: Potty Training, Socialization, Grooming, Leash Walking 

  • £275 for 3 sessions, £450 for 5 sessions, or £620 for 7 sessions (all sessions must be used within 6 months)

                                                   Pre- puppy consultation
  • Learn everything you need to learn before your new puppy arrives at their new home. 
  • Covered: crate training, potty training, house manners, nutrition, introduction to the family & more
  • £95  per 1 hour in-person session with shopping list and write up sent afterwards 

                                                           Single Sessions

  • £95 per hour to cover any topic required in-person. 


& Behaviour

                                                    Training Sessions
  • For dogs aged 6 months+ 
  • £95 per hour with session summary and notes sent after
  • Packages available:
    •  ​£275 for 3 sessions 
    • £450 for 5 sessions
    • £620 for 7 sessions
  • I will meet with you at your house, the park, and other environments to train a variety of skills:
    • General skills like Down, Settle, Come here, Leave it & more 
    • Trick training
    • Recall work
    • Focus on handler 
    • Walking on leash 
    • Stopping any jumping up when people come to the house/house manners
    • How to introduce a new baby or puppy into the family and more! 
                                                Behaviour Sessions
  • For behavioural support an initial consultation is required via a phone call and possibly video evidence of the behaviour
  • All behaviour in-person sessions will be 90 minutes at £140, and additional sessions will be £95 per hour
  • Issues I can work with you on: leash aggression, fearfulness,  separation anxiety and more
  • If I deem the behavior issue to be too extreme, I will recommend a vet consultation and referal to a Clinical Animal Behaviourist.