Puppy Training

                                              Puppy Training Course
  • A perfect course for you and your new puppy, aged 8 weeks to 6 months old. Not only will your puppy be trained, but you will learn HOW to be an effective trainer for the rest of your pup's life!
  • I will visit your home to guide you through my Bone Ball Bark puppy training curriculum
  • Example commands: Sit, Down, Come Here, Leave It, Settle

  • Learn to prevent: Chewing, biting, jumping up

  • Also covered: Potty Training, Socialization, Grooming, Leash Walking

  • £300 for 4 sessions OR £420 for 6 sessions with PDF summaries sent after every session

                                                   Pre- puppy consultation
  • Learn everything you need to learn before your new puppy arrives at their new home. 
  • Covered: crate training, potty training, house manners, nutrition, introduction to the family & more
  • £80  per 1 hour in-person session with shopping list and write up sent afterwards 

                                                           Single Sessions

  • £80 per hour to cover any topic required in-person. 

  • PDF summary sent after the session


& Behaviour

                                                    Training Sessions
  • For dogs aged 6 months+ 
  • £80 per hour with PDF summary sent after the session
  • Discount block bookings available:
    •  ​£300 for 4 sessions
    • £420 for 6 sessions
  • I will meet with you at your house, the park, and other environments to train a variety of skills:
    • General skills like Down, Settle, Come here, Leave it & more 
    • Trick training
    • Recall work
    • Focus on handler 
    • Walking on leash 
    • Stopping any jumping up when people come to the house/house manners
    • How to introduce a new baby or puppy into the family and more! 
                                                Behaviour Sessions
  • For behavioural support an initial consultation is required via a phone call and possibly video evidence of the behaviour
  • All behaviour in-person sessions will be 90 minutes at £120, and additional sessions will be £80 per hour
  • Issues I can work with you on: leash aggression, fearfulness,  separation anxiety and more
  • If I deem the behavior issue to be too extreme, I will recommend a vet consultation and referal to a Clinical Animal Behaviourist.

Group classes

                                               Group Classes
  • 6 week courses run at Doug's Dogs Daycare in Mile End
  • I will be teaching at these times on a rolling 6 week schedule:
    • Saturdays 10-11 Puppy Beginners
    • Saturdays 11.15-12.15 Improvers
    • Saturdays 12.30-1.30 Old Dog New Tricks (including any dogs new to training)
    • Sundays 10-11 Advanced 
  • Puppy Beginners  is for pups aged 3 months+ where we will teach you and your puppy all the essentials skills and behaviours of force free/positive reinforcement dog training . 
  • Improvers is for dogs ages 6 months+ and we will build on all the skills learned in beginners, make sure your dog has mastered the basics and move on to more advanced skills 
  • Old Dog New Tricks is for any adult dog who hasn't attended training classes before and want to come have some fun, socialize and learn all the basics in preparation for Advanced class
  • Advanced class is for those dogs who have attended previous group classes at Doug's Dogs or had 1-to-1 training sessions with me.
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