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online Training

                                              Video Training & Consults 
  • Get help for problems right now! 
  • Available WORLDWIDE via Zoom, FaceTime and WhereBy
  • Recent clients from the United States, Canada and Japan
  • Online video consultations available for:
    • Behavioral consults for many issues including dog to human aggression, resource guarding and leash aggression
    • Puppy training including skills, potty training, and socialization plans
    • Adult dog training incluing loose leash walking, skills, tricks and confidence boosting for fearful dogs
  • £80 for a single 60 minute session, or discount packages at 3 sessions for £220, 5 sessions for £360 and 7 sessions £500 (must be used within 6 months)
  • Contact me for equivalent prices in local currencies
Pre- puppy consultation
  • Learn everything you need to learn before your new puppy arrives at their new home. 
  • Covered: crate training, potty training, house manners, nutrition, introduction to the family & more
  • £80  per 1 hour video call session with summary PDF and shopping list sent after



  • The Signature Puppy Course
    • A self-paced, extensive video course including everything you need to raise and train your puppy from 8 weeks to 5 months old​.
    • Over 20 step by step videos and handouts.
  • Summer Picnic Package 
    • Intensive package of sessions focusing solely on recall, recall away from ditsractions, impulse control and leave it exercises, specifically created to help you and your dog make it through the summer picnic and BBQ season! ​
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