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5 Quick Tips for Easter

Here at Bone Ball Bark we want to wish everyone, both dog and human, a very Happy Easter!

Whether you are meeting up with family, having a big dinner, organising an Easter egg hunt, or just enjoying the time off from work, we wanted to do a quick post on how to ensure your dog has a safe and happy holiday too.

1) Watch out for those Chocolate Easter Eggs!

Most everyone knows that chocolate is poisonous to dogs. Keep your dog away from and chocolate egg hunts you might be having, and make sure you have picked them all up from the garden and house before letting your dog out to sniff around.

2) Give your dog their own Easter hunt!

Scatter dog treats around the garden and let them sniff them out to find. This is a great mental stimulation game as well as including them in the festivities! The smellier the treat the better!

Golden Retriever Easter Duck Toy
New toys are also great to hide too!

3) Remember that other human food can be dangerous to dogs:

  • If you are having a big dinner, remember that cooked bones are very dangerous to dogs.

  • Of course you want your pup to join in on any festivities and if you would like to give them a treat, then vegetables like carrots are a great addition to their bowl today.

  • You can give them some of the roast meat but if you cook with a lot of salt then be careful. Salt is dangerous to dogs.

  • Hot cross buns contain raisins that are also toxic!

  • It is always a good idea to talk to any kids (and adults) that are coming over to not give anything to the dog without asking you first.

  • Here is another blog post we did about dangerous foods for dogs.

4) Weather

In London this weekend we are having absolutely fantastic weather, which is pretty unusual! Always keep a fresh bowl of water available and make sure your dog has a shady space or able to come inside if he needs. It is also a good idea to let him have time in his crate, if he is crate trained, or some down time elsewhere if he needs!

Puppy Sleeping
Water, shade and a quiet place to rest!

5) Be aware of people coming and going from your yard, garden and house.

Dogs can be escape artists, and all it takes is for someone to not properly secure the gate or front door.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all next week!


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