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Butternut Box: Give a Box a Try

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Bone Ball Bark is now an ambassador for Butternut Box, a dog food delivery service for the U.K!


There are many different ways of feeding your dog, from kibble to wet food, to frozen raw or cooked foods. We will be writing more posts in the future about dog nutrition but for January, we just wanted to tell you about Butternut Box as we have recently gotten to try it.

Created a few years ago by Dave and Kev (the profile's they have written of each other are hilarious on the Butternut Box website), their aim was to produce HIGH quality, fresh dog food that can be delivered to all dogs in the U.K. They worked with canine nutritionists and vets to come up with a dog food that has been gently cooked, and made from fresh ingredients that are beneficial to your fillers, corn, or meat by-products.

How Do I Get My Dog A Box?

After filling out information about your dog on their website, from their age to their activity levels etc, you will receive a box every couple weeks with ready portioned, frozen meals especially catered to your pup! All you need to do is defrost and serve!

Here are some of our opinions after our delivery.


  • Pre-portioned so no more over feeding or guessing when dishing out dinner!

  • Delivered to your door, with text updates about when the delivery will be.

  • Created with human quality ingredients which can be RARE in many other dog foods.

  • You can use Butternut Box food for 100% of their meals, or go 50/50 with their current food.


  • You do need some room in your freezer, however once defrosted in the fridge they will last up to 5 days.

  • Not as portable as kibble, canned, or freeze dried so if you travel, it can be hard to take with you!

  • It can get expensive if you have a large breed dog, however if your dog has been fed good quality food, like Butternut Box, you could be spending less on vet visits.

Butternut Box Dog Food

If you and your pup live in their delivery zone (90% of the U.K), then use this link to get 75% off your first box:

We highly recommend giving a box to try, especially if your pup has allergies, is a fussy eater, or gets bored easily. We have been using the food to stuff in Kongs to keep our dogs busy and as a way of feeding them breakfast in an unusual way.

Has your dog tried Butternut Box? Let us know!


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