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What's In My Dog Training Bag?

As a dog trainer who does one to one sessions at my clients homes around London, I have to make sure I carry everything with me that I may need for multiple different sessions a day. Now over a few weeks, my backpack can get pretty messy and today was a clean out day. This prompted me to take stock of everything I need to have with me.

So, I wanted to give you a little snapshot as to what I carry in my dog training backpack day to day! This changes depending on what sessions I have, the weather, the type of treats I am using for each dog, and what their main motivation is, but for the most part here is what I carry:

1) Treats & Toys

Variety of low, medium and high value treats (blog post on this coming soon)




dog treats dog training dog toys
A selection of what I had in my bag today, and yes that is a tiny pot of peanut butter!

2) Training Tools



Silent whistle

Spare leash and collar

Spare front clip harness

Long Line (if I know I am doing recall exercises)

dog leash and collar clicker training
Perhaps red should have been the business theme!

3) Clean Up!

Poop bags (uou can never have enough!)


Water and portable bowl

Hand sanitizer

4) Brand Merchandise

Business cards

Business flyers

Bandanas (check out here to order yours too in a variety of patterns!)

Butternut Box cards (remember you can get 75% off of your first box by going here)


Snacks (hanger is a real thing.)

Portable phone charger

Spare socks (so important when you are working outdoors hah!)



Yes, it does all fit! And occasionally my laptop comes with me too if I have time between sessions to write my reports!


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