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Recall toolbox

      Get that rocket reliable recall with this one of a kind                           toolbox!                           
10 mini lessons, complete with videos and handouts, to build up your dog's recall in all environments and scenarios! 


Recall isn't about calling your dog's name and hoping for the best. Recall is engagement, motivations, timing, focus, reward structures, multiple cues for differing circumstances, and more, to ensure you and your dog can enjoy as much off leash freedom as possible!





  • Marker training + all about rewards and how and when to use them 
  • 3 different cues + whistle recalls
  • Discover motivations, movements and reward structures to keep them coming back every time
  • Get them to come to you and then KEEP them with you! No more dine and dash! 
  • Building up a reliable recall around distractions of other dogs, squirrels, and people
  • Common problems and mistakes, and how to fix them
Waitlist only open until 15th December 2022

-How to get your dog to love recall training 

-5 fun and easy games to play with your dog to help with recall training 

-How to make recall training fun for both you and your dog 

-The benefits of recall training for both you and your dog 

-Why some dogs have a hard time with recall training and what you can do about it


"An essential investment in a happy dog life, especially in the city and parks"


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