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Does your dog ignore you on walks?
Does your dog not come back to you when you call in the park?
Is your dog easily distracted by other dogs, people, picnics and squirrels?
Would you like to feel more stress free and confident when out with your dog?
We are firm believers in only using positive reinforcement methods when training your dog, and do not use physical punishment of any kind, nor do we allow the use of choke, prong or e-collars.
You can read more about our training policies, and terms and conditions HERE
 One-on-One Training Sessions 
  • Ideal for dogs aged 6 months+ 
  • £80 per hour  
  •  A trainer will meet with you at your house, the park, or wherever will be the best environment to train a variety of issues:
  • General commands
  • Potty Training Problems
  • Leash Aggression
  • Recall work
  • Fearfulness
  • Walking on leash 
  • Stopping any jumping up when people come to the house
  • How to introduce a new baby or puppy into the family and more! 
  • Summary PDF provided after the session
Video chat consultation
  • Available worldwide 
  • Perfect for if you have specific questions about your dogs behavior or want a pre-puppy consultation!
  • £30 for 30 minutes/ £55 for 60 minutes
  • An online video consultation with an experienced trainer to give training advice on a variety of issues 
  • Summary PDF sent after the consultation with recommendations suitable for you and your dog