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I have worked with many different breeds and ages of dogs, from all over the world! Here you will find reviews and testimonials from some of my previous clients. 

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NALA - Puppy Training 

"What you did with her is amazing. She really acquired behaviors and is much more behaved. She is very responsive to commands. I took her for an on leash walk last night and this morning- she was fabulous, walking by my leg. I think that what you did and so thoroughly described also made us realize the importance of our role as “parents”. We really appreciated your presence, energy, and what you did for our family."

KEVIN - Puppy Training 

"I cannot speak highly enough of Bone Ball Bark! Working with Jennifer was fantastic, she made sessions so much fun and there was a huge amount of learning involved for me and my dog, sometimes I think my brain was working harder than his! I loved how she taught me to adapt my training to my dog in a way that he can understand best, which meant he was able to make progress in leaps and bounds. I can’t believe how much more he listens to me off leash now. Jennifer also made me feel more confident in terms of training my dog which I think he has picked up on and is now listening to me more as a result. You can tell that Jennifer really cares about you and your dog which is lovely and it doesn’t stop when the sessions end either. My dog was in an accident after our sessions ended and Jennifer couldn’t have been more supportive! To anyone considering getting a dog trainer I would 12/10 recommended Jennifer as you and your dog will love it! "

Puppy in snow

NOVA - online Training 

"I have nothing but great things to say about Jennifer at Bone Ball Bark. She is so knowledgeable about all things dog; no question will go unanswered. Even from afar she was able to virtually personalize a training plan for me and my dog, Nova. She has stayed with me every step of the way and continues assist me with Nova's training. As a result, Nova has mastered several commands, behaves very well in the presence of people, and has gotten rid of her habit of jumping and nipping at people. I highly recommend her! She has loads of experience and it shows through her professionalism and her genuine love of dogs"

KONA - Human Aggression 

"I honestly am beyond grateful to have found Jennifer. She went above and beyond for my difficult rescue dog. She's compassionate, caring, patient and thoughtful in her care and we'll definitely be using her again. I couldn't recommend her more!"

Bone Ball Bark Dog Training
Dog Training

TOBY - Custom Training Plan

"It was really helpful to be able to get a training plan to follow at home after speaking to a BBB trainer about Toby. I received great step by step instructions for each problem, and I loved that I could be in touch with the trainer to get extra support!"

BLOSSOM - Puppy Training 

"Working with Jennifer is great. She went above and beyond to help us with our exuberant lab puppy coming up with idea after idea to work through our issues. She held my hand through the bad times and celebrated the wins. You can tell she genuinely cares about your dog and wants to help. "

Labrador puppy

Roxy - Behaviour & skills Training

"We called in Jennifer to try and train our stubborn miniature dachshund… who has defeated countless trainers. Jennifer has boundless patience and is prepared to try again and again ….. long after we would give up without her! She trains with patience and kindness and is always punctual. Over time we are seeing a real difference and can highly recommend her for the most unmotivated dogs! She adores Jennifer and cries when she leaves. "

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