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Qualifications & Professional Memberships

  • MSc Canine Life Sciences, Bergin University, California 

  • CPDT-KA qualified 2020 

  • Full member of Pet Professional Guild

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Continued education

  • Clicker Expo Conference 2021

  • Grisha Stewart BAT Set-Ups for Rescue Dogs, 6 week course, 2020

  • Lemonade Conference with Fenzi and IAABC, 3 Days, 40 Speakers, 2020

  • Michael Shikashio Canine Aggression Consults, 4 week course, 2020

  • Craig Ogilvie play workshop, 2020

  • Next Level Training weekend with Ken Ramirez at the Karen Pryor training ranch in Washington, USA 2019

  • Courthouse Dog Conference scholarship recipient 2016



  • 5 years training Mobility Assistance Dogs, Hospital Facility Dogs and Courthouse Facility Dogs at Assistance Dogs of Hawaii and Assistance Dogs Northwest

  • Puppy Raising Co-ordinator and Graduate Trainer at Assistance Dogs Northwest

  • Involved in the training of over 100 assistance dogs

  • Internships at Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, and volunteer work at Guide Dogs

  • Worked with 700+ owner and pet dog clients



  • Involved  in a research study, in partnership with Medical Detection Dogs, in training canines to detect UTI's in human urine

  • Involved in the breeding and tempermament selection of Labradors and Golden Retrievers for assistance work 

  • Masters thesis research study on public access laws for service and pet canines

  • Appeared in The Times and Daily Mail newspapers giving training tips  

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