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My name is Jennifer Billot and I founded Bone Ball Bark in 2018! Bone Ball Bark is a training method designed to look at all areas of your dog's life to work on training, play, health and behavioural issues. 

My Professional Journey:


  • I got my start in dog training when volunteering at Guide Dogs for the Blind in the kennels back in 2011 and went on to do an internship at Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

  • In 2013 I relocated to Hawaii to work as a trainer at the ADI accredited organization Assistance Dogs of Hawaii, training Labradors and Golden Retrievers for people with physical disabilities. I have trained over 100 dogs in this field including advanced skills like opening doors, turning on lights and seizure alert.

  •  During my time at ADH I also gained experience in breeding and temperament selection, and in scent work when I assisted in a research study, training our dogs to detect UTI's in human urine!

  • I received my Masters Degree in Canine Life Sciences from Bergin University in California in 2016, one of the only schools in the world to offer this specific degree! I have been taught by some of the worlds most renowned dog trainers, behaviorists and psychologists and I use this knowledge and expertise in my training. 

  • Acted as puppy co-ordinator, and graduate trainer for Assistance Dogs Northwest

  • I then moved back to London in 2018 to start Bone Ball Bark!


I only use force-free and positive reinforcement techniques in training and I am a proud member of Pet Professional Guild which is an association for force-free dog training professionals.

I am the main trainer in London and will be the one working with you and your dog on a one-to-one basis. For our virtual training services, both myself and other experienced and highly qualified Bone Ball Bark trainers are available!

London Puppy Training