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Bone Ball Bark holds a specialist and bespoke group puppy class at Wolfe Vets in Fulham!
Have a puppy between the ages of 9 weeks and 20 weeks? Register now to secure your place!
What makes our puppy class unique?
  • Small group sizes so that your puppy can have plenty of space and more individual attention. 4 puppies max per class!
  • Positive and force free methods only, to build the best relationship and bond you can have with your pup, as well as ensuring your puppy builds self-confidence
  • As our classes take place in a veterinary setting, we ensure we include socialising and desensitisation techniques to help our puppies feel comfortable and confident with a variety of veterinary procedures like nail trimming, vaccinations and examinations
  • Focus on teaching fundamental behaviours like settling, leash walking, and recall, to set your puppy up for life in a city environment 
  • Tips, tricks and discussions on puppy development, potty training, biting and sleeping. We want you to feel fully supported in your puppy raising journey.

Important information:


- Puppies must be between 9 weeks and 20 weeks at start of course

-5 weeks long course

- Sunday mornings 10-11am

- £200 per puppy

- Homework and handouts provided

- Puppy packs with goodies!


Upcoming classes:

  • 25th February-24th March

  • 14th April- 12th May


Wolfe Vets Fulham

297 Wandsworth Bridge Rd, SW6 2NY

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