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                              Online Training Packages 
  • Available worldwide through Zoom, Whereby and FaceTime
  • Example cues: Sit, Down, Come Here, Leave It, Settle

  • Learn to prevent: Chewing, biting, jumping up

  • Also covered: Potty Training, Socialization, Grooming, Leash Walking 

                                         Pre- puppy consultation
  • Learn everything you need to learn before your new puppy arrives at their new home. 
  • Covered: crate training, potty training, house manners, nutrition, introduction to the family & more






The Signature Puppy Course

  • A self-paced, extensive video course including everything you need to raise and train your puppy from 8 weeks to 5 months old​. 
  • Over 20 step by step videos and handouts.

Introduction to puppy raising and force-free training. Cover basic training principles and cues, and go through home behaviours like toileting and sleep training, biting, and enrichment. 

3 hours

- £290



  • Handouts and homework

Not included:

  • Between session support

A more comprehensive and bespoke package, including socialisation, beginner leash walking and recall, and more.

5 hours

- £450 


  • Handouts and homework

  • Once weekly WhatsApp video review and feedback

The complete package! Cover everything you will need to raise and train your puppy from 8 weeks to 6 months old. Tackle toilet training, teething and biting, adolescence, socialisation, leash walking, separation, plus all cues, and much more!

10 hours

- £850


  • Homework and handouts

  • Twice weekly video feedback and review between sessions

  • FREE access to The Signature Puppy Course for 1 year!

An ideal session before puppy arrives in the home to cover everything you will need to set up your home, expectations, management plans, and ask all the questions you have!


90 minutes online - £150

A single one off session to go through one or two puppy issues that you are facing. 

1 hour online - £100


Training your puppy online has never been easier and more convenient thanks in part to the pandemic. What started as something that seemed sub-par to in-person puppy training when we were all separated at home, actually became the easiest and arguably the most effective way of getting new puppy parents ready to welcome their newest addition with pre-puppy consults, and then continuing their puppy training remotely. 


What are the benefits of training your puppy through online sessions and courses?

Many topics that first need discussing and exploring with a new puppy does not require being face to face with a trainer. Sleep training, management set-ups with pens, toilet training, minimising puppy biting, and the start of separation desensitisation, nutrition information, puppy toy recommendations, and more, do far better when worked on through online training. 


Some of the benefits of online puppy training is the flexibility it gives in terms of the times you can schedule in a session. I dedicate a few evenings a week to my remote training sessions so I can easily schedule a session after the working day for you and your family. You can also have multiple family members, dog sitters, and carers join the training session from different locations so even if one of them is away on business, travel, or lives away from the home, they can be heavily involved every step of the way. Online puppy training sessions always come with a follow up email with links to things we discussed, video demonstrations and more. 


One of the biggest things in puppy training is introducing new behaviours, cues, and techniques in the least distracting environment as possible. By not having a stranger in the home, all family members, including the puppy have the greatest chance to be successful right from the start of the remote training. You want your puppy to fully understand what we are looking for, and what is rewardable, in the environment they can learn best in, before starting to take this out into the world. By doing this process in their usual environment, with the normal people around, means that training can be stress free and bespoke. 


Another pro for virtual puppy training sessions is that during this day and age of Covid, you do not need to have a new person coming into your home. Your puppy can still get a full, well-rounded, and extensive puppy training programme, and you and your family can feel safe and secure too. You also don’t need to clean your house, or change out of pyjamas! 


What if you don't have time to work with me online for 1-1 sessions?

That covered live one-to-one online puppy training sessions, but another huge benefit of utilising online is that I have a specially created and designed puppy training course, which is fully remote. This self-paced online training course is designed to be your trainer through the first 5 months of your puppy’s life. You follow remotely alongside me training Griffin my labrador puppy, with the ability to go back and rewatch all the step by step video guides for a number of different cues and behaviours, while also being taken through an extensive socialisation plan with multiple videos and handouts designed to help raise a confident and happy puppy. I entitled this remote puppy training service; The Signature Puppy Course. The pinnacle of online puppy training! Most clients who have purchased The Signature Puppy Course, have then also bought a package of online 1-1 training sessions with me to be able to ask some more specific questions that suit their family and environment. 


How to start remote puppy training?

If you would like to schedule a remote training session or consult for your puppy, then please get in touch. As I am often booked a month or so in advance for in-person sessions in London, then this is a great way of getting help NOW as I tend to have virtual training sessions available within a week of enquiring. 


Virtual puppy training sessions are also great if you do not live in London and still would like to work with me in training your puppy. I have had online puppy training clients from California, Oregon, Japan and Scotland to name a few! I can’t wait to meet you and your puppy online! 


Does online puppy training work?

Here are some testimonials from previous clients who have worked with me virtually in training their puppy to show how well online sessions can work:


“I have nothing but praise for Jennifer…We did four one to one online coaching calls and it was so valuable to have this time to talk through areas of concern, training problems, daily routines and also nutritional advice as Henry has a very sensitive tummy and we were struggling to get good advice on nutrition from our vet. Henry's training is still very much a work in progress and it's great to know I can book more sessions with Jennifer in future to make sure he stays on track. Jennifer has a great teaching style, non-judgemental, friendly but still very professional.”


“As a first time rescue puppy owner, Jennifer set my mind at ease week after week and also gave me an excellent foundation in dog training. Her approach is compassionate and prioritised my puppy's confidence and welfare over "being able to do tricks." She really connected with my puppy and got a sense of her personality and development even though all our sessions were virtual. I can't imagine doing it without her!”


“Jennifer is the best! She helped us with our new puppy and her separation anxiety. We live in Portland OR USA and we did Zoom calls and she made it work with the time difference, everything was so easy with her! She gave us very details steps to follow and everything doable for us! We’ve seen AMAZING improvements in the puppy, all from a positive perspective. We are eternally grateful!!!”


Virtual training sessions are conducted through Whereby, Facetime or Zoom, and can be recorded if requested by the client. 

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