I train solely using scientific-based, positive reinforcement methods, and do not use physical punishment of any kind. I do not allow the use of choke, prong or e-collars, nor physical corrections. I train dogs with treats, toys, love and trust. It is truly the best way.
You can read more about my training policies, and terms and conditions HERE

In-Person Training

  • London only

  • Training sessions to take place at your home, local park, or other appropriate environment 

  • Puppy and adult dog skills training from loose leash walking, recall, tricks, and house manners and more

  • Puppy and adult dog behavioural work including leash aggression, fearfulness, resource guarding and more

  • Group classes from puppy beginners through to advanced 

  • Packages available



  • Video consultations via Zoom, FaceTime or Whereby from the comfort of your own home

  • Available worldwide

  • Online sessions are perfect for pre-puppy consultations, skills work, and behavioral issues such as barking, noise sensitivity, fearfulness and aggression

  • 4 week custom training plans, perfect for a novice to advanced dog owner looking for a training structure