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                                  In-person Behaviour Sessions
  • All behaviour in-person sessions will be 90 minutes at £150, and additional sessions will be £120 per hour, and occasionally online video call sessions at £100 per hour. 
  • Issues I can work with you on: leash aggression and reactivity, fearfulness,  separation anxiety and more
  • A vet check is expected to be completed to rule out any health issues before training plans are implemented
  • If I deem the behaviour issue to be too extreme, I will recommend a referral to a Clinical Animal Behaviourist
  Online Dog Behaviour Sessions 
  • Many behavioural issues are more suited to working with me online through video calls. 
  • These include separation anxiety, dog to human aggression, anxiety and fearfulness, noise sensitivities and more. 
  • Bespoke training packages are designed and frequency of sessions are flexible to provide the best outcome for you and your dog. 

Behavioural issues

      Leash Aggression
     Separation Distress/Anxiety
     Fearfulness & Noise Sensitivity 
     Resource Guarding
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