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Running labrador


Do you avoid parks during the summer because your dog makes a bee line into the middle of all the picnics? Have you ever had to wrestle someone else's sandwich out of your dog's mouth? Has your heart ever stopped as your dog ignores your call while running straight at a kid with an ice cream? Whether you answered yes to all of those, or never want to experience them, then this is the course for you! 
  • Intensive 1-1 focusing on different recall cues, including u-turns and emergency stops, for different situations and environments. Teach your dog to be called away from other dogs, children playing, and the dreaded picnics and BBQ's.
  • Discover motivations, management plans, movements and reward structures to keep them coming back every time
  • Whistle recall, settle, 'leave it' exercises and more, in a positive, force-free way to keep your dog safe, and everyone's picnic safe too!
Two different options available:
In-person: specific London areas only (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)
  • 4 hours of 1-1 in person sessions at your home and local parks to you
  • 2x 30 minutes online check-in sessions, with homework and video review
  • Video support, handouts and homework
  • £550 
Online worldwide clients:
  • 8 x 30 minute 1-1 video call sessions
  • Homework videos reviewed with feedback twice weekly for duration of package
  • Video support, handouts and homework 
  • £450 

Whether your dog has had training before, or you are completely new to training, the package will be adapted to fit your very specific needs and environment! 
There are only 4 spaces available per month for both packages so make sure you get in touch ASAP!
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