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Puppy Training in Chiswick & West London

West London Puppy Training Packages

  • In-person and online  puppy training sessions throughout London
  • A variety of training packages for you and your new puppy, aged 8 weeks to 6 months old. Not only will your puppy be trained, but you will learn HOW to be an effective trainer for the rest of your pup's life!
  • I will visit your home to guide you through my Bone Ball Bark puppy training curriculum
  • Example cues: 

    • Sit

    • Down

    • Come Here

    • Leave It

    • Settle

  • Learn to manage and prevent: 

    • Chewing

    • Biting

    • Jumping up

    • Resource Guarding

    • Barking

  • Also covered: Potty Training, Socialization, Grooming, Leash Walking 

Introduction to puppy raising and force-free training. Cover basic training principles and cues, and go through home behaviours like toileting and sleep training, biting, and enrichment. 

3 hours

- 3 hours in-person

- £330



  • Handouts and homework

Not included:

  • Between session support

A more comprehensive and bespoke package, including socialisation trips, beginner leash walking and recall, and more.

5 hours

- 5 hours in-person 

- £500


  • Handouts and homework

  • Once weekly WhatsApp video review and feedback

The complete package! Cover everything you will need to raise and train your puppy from 8 weeks to 6 months old. Tackle toilet training, teething and biting, adolescence, socialisation, leash walking, separation, plus all cues, and much more!

10 hours

- 9 hours in-person

- 1 hour online

- £950 


  • Homework and handouts

  • Twice weekly video feedback and review between sessions

  • FREE access to The Signature Puppy Course for 1 year!

An ideal session before puppy arrives in the home to cover everything you will need to set up your home, expectations, management plans, and ask all the questions you have!


90 minutes in-person - £150

90 minute online- £120

A single one off session to go through one or two puppy issues that you are facing. 

1 hour online - £100

1 hour in-person - £120


Puppy training in Chiswick
Bone Ball Bark is a positive and force free puppy training company based in Chiswick. With years of raising and training assistance dogs, working with over 1000 puppies and dogs throughout London and the USA, you can be sure that you and your puppy are in capable and qualified hands! There is nothing quite like walking with your dog around leafy, quaint W4. That’s why thinking about puppy training in Chiswick while your four legged friend is in their formative months is the perfect way to approach raising your dog to be happy and well adjusted.
The best thing about training your dog in Chiswick is that the area affords you lots of opportunities to expose your pup to both a vibrant high road, and also plenty of green spaces and parks. There are greens and small parks aplenty, with also easy access to the grounds of places such as Chiswick Park or Ravenscourt Park not too far away.
How does puppy training in Chiswick actually work?
The benefit of training a pooch with Bone Ball Bark is that the technique deployed perfectly covers multiple areas, each addressing a specific aspect of your puppy’s development:
Bone: Health and Nutrition
Ball: Play and Socialization
Bark: Training and Problem Solving
The Ball and Bark aspects of the overall technique are excellently served by the culture of dog ownership in Chiswick. There are so many places and like-minded dog owners to provide your own puppy with ample opportunity to meet, socialise and learn how to be a happy dog. Ample green space also gives us the chance to provide exercises and problem solving situations that require your puppy to think, and with repetition, to make the correct choices in the future.
My own black Labrador, Griffin, has absolutely thrived in this type of environment, and while we go through many other facets of training with him, the ability to socialise him with other dogs and personalities with safety & security is one not to be sniffed at (pardon the pun!)
There is no rigidly set course that you will need to go through when looking to meet your Chiswick puppy training needs. It all starts with a conversation either in-person or over the phone. That initial consultation allows you to discuss your particular puppy’s situation which forms the basis of a training schedule. The Bone Ball Bark technique means you connect with your dog as they develop through their training and appreciate that a dog has needs, both emotional and physical, that it is our job as owners to cater for. If you are looking for a way to train your dog in Chiswick that gets results, then the Bone Ball Bark approach is the tailored way to tackle the project of puppy training head on with positive reinforcement at the heart of the technique.
Where you can train with Bone Ball Bark in Chiswick
There is total flexibility which can help greatly given everybody has a unique schedule and each dog has unique training needs.
Sessions are able to take place in your home or any park that suits your specific needs; often sessions can encompass both indoor and outdoor environments depending on what we are intending to cover at the time.
Fear not though, there is no big group class on Turnham Green. When we talk about puppy training in Chiswick we only mean one-to-one and personal. Of course we will likely encounter other dogs in a park but they are interacted with only on our terms. So if your puppy is not at the stage of heavy socialising with others yet (be that people or dogs) then we ensure that they are exposed gradually to maximise their comfort and adoption of the situation.
Sessions can also be carried out online for times when scheduling means you may be not available to do things face to face. Whatever suits you and your pup is how we will approach things.
What age is best to start the process?
We see is that a new furry addition to the household is a common occurrence in Chiswick. Puppy training is a highly important aspect of that process. You want to be able to give them the tools to develop into well adjusted and calm adult dogs. With that in mind, beginning things at around three months upwards is certainly appropriate. However, for any dog that is older than this, it is absolutely possible to implement a comprehensive training schedule for a dog of any age. The younger the better in terms of imprinting techniques and reinforcing them through positivity and reassurance. But older dogs with any specific of general behavioural issues are still dogs that can be helped to live throughly fulfilling lives.
At Bone Ball Bark we do not want any dog to go without the chance of a happy life and appreciate it when owners reach out for guidance, assistance and training for whatever reason.
If you are pre-puppy and only considering adding a dog to your home then you can also arrange a consultation on that basis to talk through preparatory points and sense check things with a hugely experienced trainer as you navigate the journey towards dog ownership.
Testimonials from Chiswick residents
 "I arranged to meet Jennifer, having seen her posts on the Chiswick Calendar newsletter, to discuss introducing a puppy to a household with two older dogs. She was very helpful and full of sensible ideas, both on managing the 3 dogs and general guidance on puppies - what to buy, nutrition, training etc. She followed up with me afterwards and took an interest in the puppy going forward. I will definitely seek her advice as and when I encounter issues along the way."
Booking a session in Chiswick
The first step is to get in touch and have a discussion about what it is your are looking for, goals you want to achieve and when sessions can be scheduled in.
You can reach out using the Bone Ball Bark contact page. Simply complete the form on the page or via a quick phone call.
I look forward to meeting you and your dog in W4 soon!

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