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Profile: Kromfohrlander

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

We have a really interesting and rare breed for you to meet this week:

a Kromfohrlander!

I have never met a Kromfohrlander before so I did a bit of research on the kennel club website to get some basic facts first.

  • Bred purely for companionship, so although classed as a terrier, they generally have minimal hunting instinct

  • Originates from Germany (though the name is a bit of a clue there!)

  • They can live up to 18 years old

  • Apparently they have a famous 'Kromi grin' when they greet you!

Judy is a fellow dog trainer, and also has her Masters in Canine Sciences, so is very knowledgeable about all things canine, and a very good trainer! She talked to me about her dog, Bucky.

Kromfohrlander Puppy

Why did you get a Kromfohrlander?

I have a busy life and I was looking for a dog that is adaptable and fairly low-key. But I also enjoy being outdoors doing active things, so I was looking for a dog that could hike or jog when I wanted, then be lazy and go with the flow when I need him to. A Kromfohrlander definitely fits the bill!

Is this the first time owning the breed?

This is my first Kromfohrlander and I’d never even met one before I got Bucky!

What were the first 12 months like?

The first year with him was fun, interesting, and challenging. Building a bond with him was easy because he loves toys and playing and going places, so we did a lot together. I also feel like I spent the first two months watching to make sure he didn’t eat the furniture, and showing him what he should chew on instead. Typical puppy! Socializing him was a challenge because a free-form puppy class was really overstimulating for him, so we found a calmer style of class where more time was spent on-leash and he only played with other puppies that wanted to play in a way that didn’t set him off.

Kromfohrlander Puppy

The best thing about having a Kromfohrlander?

In spite of these challenges, I love him dearly! The best thing about Bucky is that he always brightens my day, and everyone who knows him says he brightens their days too! When I bring him to the office with me, it’s kind of like going somewhere with a celebrity.

The hardest thing about having a Kromfohrlander?

The hardest thing about having him is that he has what we like to call “Kromi weirdness” where he goes though phases of thinking certain people or things are worthy of a good barking!

Does your Kromfohrlander have any funny breed quirks?

These dogs are such characters. They have springs for back legs and are great agility dogs, but also it takes time, patience and consistency to teach them to keep “four on the floor” when greeting people. Another breed quirk is that they really keep an eye on their people, so expect your kromi to pay close attention to what you’re doing. He probably knows my patterns better than I do! He perks up when he sees me put my hiking shoes on, and when he sees me put on my work clothes he immediately goes to his crate. It’s pretty cute that he knows the cues I’m inadvertently giving.


What piece of advice would you tell someone thinking of getting a Kromfohrlander?

My advice for folks thinking of bringing a Kromfohrlander into their life is to tell your Kromi what you want him to do because I’m pretty sure they learn English by a few months old! Use play as reinforcement instead of just treats. Also, before your pup is 14 weeks old, gently and positively expose them to everything they are going to need to tolerate in life. Then after that keep exposing them to those things occasionally and make positive associations to avoid “kromi weirdness”! I didn’t successfully do that when he was young when it comes to children, so now he’s very confused by small people and thinks that they deserve a barking! Quirks aside, Bucky is such a joy! Sweet, smart, and a great companion. I literally wouldn’t trade him for a million dollars.

You can follow all of Bucky and Judy's adventures via their Instagram page @buckyandmore :)


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