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Welcome to Bone Ball Bark!

We are positive reinforcement and force-free dog trainers and we are here to help you.

Our aim is to help dog owners ensure their dogs lead happy, healthy and well trained lives.


The Bone Ball Bark Method


We work with your dog in 3 areas, guiding you through each to get the best results possible:

Bone: Health and Nutrition

Ball: Play and Socialization

Bark: Training and Problem Solving


Based in London, we offer in person training sessions within the city, and also video consultations and virtual training plans worldwide.

Black Labrador

Why train with us:

  • Our founder and head dog trainer, Jennifer Billot, is one of the only people in the U.K with a Masters Degree in Canine Life Sciences

  • Years training highly skilled Assistance Dogs with various U.K and international organisations

  • International instructor roles from the USA to Spain to Argentina

  • Trained and mentored by some of the best canine professionals in the world, including Bonnie Bergin


Check out our SERVICES to choose the best way we can help you with your dog!


Visit our CONTACT page to get in touch with any questions and how to book

Retriever playing by beach