My name is Jennifer Billot and I am an experienced and qualified force-free dog trainer. I have a Masters Degree in Canine Sciences from Bergin University in California, certified professional dog trainer CPDT-KA qualified, and spent over 5 years as an Assistance Dog trainer for an ADI organization specializing in mobility assistance dogs in both Seattle and Hawaii. 

Based in London, I offer in-person training sessions, and virtual consultations worldwide. I work with you and your dog in 3 areas, guiding you through each to get the best results possible:

Bone: Health and Nutrition

Ball: Play and Socialization

Bark: Training and Problem Solving

  • Pre-puppy consultations

  • Behavioural consultations for a variety of issues including leash aggression, barking, recall problems, fearfulness and more

  • Puppy and adult dog training packages for a variety of skills, obedience, house manners, behavioural problems and more

  • Work with me in person at your home or local park

  • Follow and train alongside me as I raise my puppy from 8 weeks to 5 months

  • In-depth videos, booklets, handouts and more for socialization, training cues, beginner separation, how to fix the most common problems, and leash walking


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Puppy Training Package


Jennifer taught me to adapt my training to my dog and he made progress in leaps and bounds. I can’t believe how much more he listens to me off leash now.


Online Behavioral Consult


Nova now behaves very well around people and has stopped jumping up and nipping. I highly recommend Jennifer! 


Leash Reactivity


I was amazed at the changes! My relationship with Maisie has improved and I'm determined to continue with positive training.


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