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Something that makes Bone Ball Bark unique is that we can give our clients access to experienced trainers, in specific fields and areas, regardless of where you and your dog might be located. No more searching for 'dog trainer near me' because we can help you no matter where you live!


We provide video consultations with professional trainers, as well as custom training programs created by them for specific problems too.

Some of the trainers in the Bone Ball Bark family include:

Julia Marquand 

  • Founder of Wags Dog Training 

  • Specializes in reactive dogs with aggressive or fearful issues

  • Specializes in puppy problems and early socialization 

  • A decade of experience with working with almost every breed of dog!



Vanesa Vizuete

  • An International Assistance Dog Trainer and Master's Program Teacher

  • CEO and Founder of Helping Paws Northwest

  • Leads community classes on child dog bite prevention

  • Bilingual English/Spanish speaker 

  • Qualifications in Child Psychology and Veterinary Technician 

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